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GUIDED TOURS presentation

We offer to Italian and foreign tourists a  GUIDED TOURS PROGRAM, lead by italian official guides, aimed at understanding Rome and its outskirts.
The program of the tour is divided by THEMEATHIC AREAS and for each one we have identified three different tours, everyone of high artistic, historical and cultural interest.
Download the BROCHURE of GUIDED TOURS 2015/2016.
For the DETAIL for each tour, click on the right on the items of the "MENU 'GUIDED TOURS".
Programming the Tour
The tour must be booked and do not have a fixed date. Closing days or periods of each site, included in our cultural programs, are listed in the data presentation of the tour.

The programming of each tour is done on the basis of bookings received. It will be that each tour can be repeat several times in the same week, but do not do so if we do not receive bookings.
Reservation of Tour
We recommend to book your tour a week in advance of the date of the request.

For tour booked close to the request data, we do not guarantee to be able to confirm your reservation.
Bookings made on the day before the date required for the tour will not be taken into consideration, except in different cases.
Tour reservations must be sent only by e-mail to the mailbox: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying: name - last name, e-mail box (active) and telephone number, identification code of the tour required (eg. T01), number of participants in booking, n. of participants who are entitled to reductions (refer to data sheet of the tour of interest to indicate the age and / or profession entitling to reductions), the date (dd.mm.yyyy)  and language required for the visit. In the email booking, we recommend using as object the words "Tour Code Tnn booking for the day dd.mm.yyyy"
Confirmation of reservations
For each inquiry received by e-mail we reply indicating the confirmation of the reservation or not, and if confirmed all the information needed: identification number of booking, time and place of appointment, pay fees depending on the number of participants and the number of possible reductions, mode of payment.

Final acceptance of the Tour
Received our confirmation of reservation, you must send the final confirmation of acceptance or cancellation of booking. The confirmation of acceptance shall be accompanied by the enclosed forms, filled out for each participant you have booked, you have received during the booking process.

In the absence of this communication, we can not assume the obligation to carry out the requested tour.
Payment of fees
It should be done only after your acceptance of the Tour. Unless different cases indicated in our email confirming the booking, payment will be made on the day of the tour.

Each tour participant is required to pay any entrance fees to the operators of sites or monuments to visit and pay us organizers the fee for the tour, including the annual subscription fee to the Association organizer.
In the case of entrance tickets with a reduction and / or free, if the Company operating the site being visited not match the objective conditions of the reduction, the entrance ticket will be calculated as a full price. We recommend that you carefully read the conditions of reduction and provide the documentation requested for reductions after finding that those conditions are applicable. If they are not, we do not assume any charge at our expense or liability.
Cancellation of the tour by the organizers
It may be possible for reasons beyond our control (eg, strikes, civil disturbances or other). Any amounts received by us as payment will be fully reimbursed (case of early payment) or nothing will be asked for the specific tour. Any cancellation will be communicated to the person who booked by telephone before writing the e-mail.

Who can participate in the tour
Tours are allowed to persons of any age, sex, social status, nationality. Children are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult who will take the responsibility towards the child.

Each tour participant must join the Association (with a modest contribution included in the cost of the tour) and will be accepted only if it has a valid document of identity.
In the detailed information of each tour, you can see if there are any restrictions on participation (e.g. for children) and such other useful information.
Pets are not allowed, even small pets.
Tours in foreign language
Each tour can be done in Italian or English, German, French, Spanish.

For the foreign language requirement (also different from those mentioned above) we will check during the booking confirmation the availability of a guide for the date of visit requested. In case of unavailability of the guide in the requested date and language, we will notify the possible alternatives, such other visit days or other language.

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