Tour Code: T03

Max n. of people: 10     Duration: 3 hours   Days: all   
Tour start: at 10:00 Meeting: 9:30
€ from:
€ 36 (adultis
€ 28 (reduced)
  0 (children 0-5 years)


Visiting St. Peter’s Basilica is not only entering in the most famous church of the world but also having the privilege of admiring a masterpiece created by architects, painters and sculptors that worked to the sole purpose of honoring God. Not to be missed are the Vatican Museums that house the finest collection of ancient art in the world and furthermore the wonderful treasure of spirituality which is the Sistine Chapel decorated by Michelangelo and the Masters of the Italian Renaissance.

Expenses Included:

  • expert guide in English (or, if available, any other language if required)
  • entrance to the Basilica and Museums i
  • annual membership to the Association (for non-members)

Cost per person

Cost contribution guide (includes membership card valid for one year): variable based on the number of people booking. View: Guided Tours hal day: prices

Entrance fees: Adults (Regular price): € 16,00 per person
Reduced*: € 8,00 per person   Free for children up to 5 years

Booking fees: € 4,00 per person (adults and reduced)

• Children aged 6 to 18 years.
• Students under 25 years of age in possession of the International Student Card, a university or other proof of enrollment for the current year at education institutions.
• Colleges (students up to 25 years of age on presentation of a letter of request on letterhead of the university with the stamp and signature of the institute the Dean or the Rector of the University, indicating the number of students, teachers and accompanying persons). The reduced ticket is granted to students and a teacher or companion every 10 students; teachers or companions in excess pay the full ticket. They are not granted gratuity. Buying a reduced ticket without the necessary requirements or failure to submit a document student recognition will involve the purchase of a new ticket at full fare to enter. The reduced ticket will not be refunded.
• Priests, religious men and women (with appropriate documentation).
• Pilgrimages on presentation of a request on letterhead of the Parish or the Diocese of affiliation. It 'will be a single charge for the priest companion of the pilgrimage after presentation of celebret.

Expenses not included:

  • transport to / from the start / end of tour
    • rental of equipment voice

Time and Place of meeting:

At 9:30 at the Cafe Vaticano (Viale Vaticano, 100).


if possible to be made one week before the date of tour
always quote the booking and confirmed by the tour code (T03)
Reservations must be confirmed by phone to one of the following numbers:
(+39) 340 3256889 or (+39) 339 7747727. The telephone confirmation must be given at least 2 days prior to the tour date
Cancellations of reservations NOT refunds will be made if the day before the tour

Minimum and Maximum number of participants admitted to the Tour:

  • each tour will be made if the number of participants is at least 2 (excluding the income children under 6 years)
    • each tour will be allowed a maximum of 12 participants (children under 6 years are excluded from the count)

Useful tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, suitable clothing to the temperature of the period, bags or backpacks not heavy and not cumbersome.
    • The 1st Sunday of the month admission tickets are free, but it is not allowed to book (so you do long lines and entry in the case of high affluence is not assured).

Opening times

Opening times: From Monday to Saturday: Login 9:00 to 16:00. Closing 18:00
Leave the site: hallways half an hour before closing)
Closing days:

• Sunday, except for the last day of each month (with free admission 9:00 to 12:30 Closing 14:00), unless it coincides with Easter, June 29 (SS. Peter and Paul), 25 or 26 December (Holy Christmas Holiday)
• January 1, 6
• February 11
• March 19
• April 5, 6
• May 1
• June 29 (SS. Peter and Paul)
• August 15
• December 8, 25, 26

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